Armin Ronacher committed d79dab0

C++ domain now supports array definitions.

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 * #259: HTML table rows now have even/odd CSS classes to enable
   "Zebra styling".
+* C++ domain now supports array definitions.
 Release 1.0.7 (in development)


 _string_re = re.compile(r"[LuU8]?('([^'\\]*(?:\\.[^'\\]*)*)'"
                         r'|"([^"\\]*(?:\\.[^"\\]*)*)")', re.S)
 _visibility_re = re.compile(r'\b(public|private|protected)\b')
+_array_def_re = re.compile(r'\[\s*(.+?)?\s*\]')
 _operator_re = re.compile(r'''(?x)
     |   \(\s*\)
         return u'%s*' % self.typename
+class ArrayDefExpr(WrappingDefExpr):
+    def __init__(self, typename, size_hint=None):
+        WrappingDefExpr.__init__(self, typename)
+        self.size_hint = size_hint
+    def get_id(self):
+        return self.typename.get_id() + u'A'
+    def __unicode__(self):
+        return u'%s[%s]' % (
+            self.typename,
+            self.size_hint is not None and unicode(self.size_hint) or u''
+        )
 class RefDefExpr(WrappingDefExpr):
     def get_id(self):
                 expr = ConstDefExpr(expr)
             elif self.skip_string('*'):
                 expr = PtrDefExpr(expr)
+            elif self.match(_array_def_re):
+                expr = ArrayDefExpr(expr,
             elif self.skip_string('&'):
                 expr = RefDefExpr(expr)
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