`print(3, end=' ')` isn't translated properly

Trent Mick avatarTrent Mick created an issue


Currently this

print(3, end=' ')

becomes this:

import sys
print 3,; sys.stdout.write(u' ')

but I'd expect this:

print 3,

Comments (4)

  1. Joe Amenta

    In http://pythontranslationparty.appspot.com/6004/, 2to3 is the one that gets it wrong. Writing an empty string to the output stream causes the trailing comma not to add a space, and 3to2 takes advantage of that to keep the print syntax relatively unchanged and just touch the immediate surroundings.

    As for http://pythontranslationparty.appspot.com/4334/ it looks like I forgot to account for unicode (or bytes) literal endings... fixed in r188

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