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Issue #9 wontfix

Consider iter*() for dicts

Anonymous created an issue

Consider using iterkeys, itervalues and iteritems for backporting calls to keys, values and items on dicts.

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  1. Joe Amenta repo owner

    Because lists implement the iterator protocol, proper usage of the iterator object returned by some_dict.keys/values/items in Python 3 is also valid usage of the list object returned by some_dict.keys/values/items in Python 2.

    The only problem I can see with leaving this alone would be code that makes strong assumptions about the types of those objects, assumptions stronger than:

    if type(some_object) == type(dict.keys()):

    I think that this is sufficient considering the amount of work that would have to be done to make sure that the object is indeed a dict and not some other object that happens to have a keys/values/items method. I am open to arguments to the contrary, but for now I am marking this one "wontfix".

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