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Add Distutils Build and Some Fixer Enhancements

  1. blink1073 avatarblink1073

Thanks for 3to2! I used it to port a pretty complex library to Python 2.7 (https://github.com/blink1073/lantz), and added things to 3to2 along the way.


  • build.py - mimics the build process for 2to3, I successfully added it to the setup.py in lantz
  • main.py - printing unicode characters to stdout caused an error, so I used 'str'.encode('utf-8')

Fixer Enhancements:

  • super() will now look for a base class and use 'super(Base, self)'
  • imports spanning multiple lines are now properly caught
  • classes with parentheses but no explicit class now inherit from 'object'
  • metaclasses now will inherit from 'object' if there is no given class

All tests are passing.

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