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File poems/monty-python

+ This poem is no more.
+ It has ceased to be.
+ It's expired and gone to meet its  maker.
+ This is a late poem...
+ Bereft of life, it rests in peace.
+ If you hadn't nailed it to the page,
+ it would be pushing up daisies.
+ It's rung down the curtain
+ and joined the choir invisible.
+ This is an ex-poem.. 

File poems/purple-hacks

+Purple hacks
+        are in my brain
+They're great they're wonderful
+        they are insane
+My system's working,
+        but I don't know why
+'Scuse me
+        while I kiss the sky
+Purple hacks
+        are all around
+Fingers so fast my feet
+        don't touch the ground
+It's inspiration
+        it's a mystery
+Whatever it is, these hacks
+        put a spell on me
+(Help me ... help me ... )
+         -----
+(Listen here)
+Purple hacks
+        are in my soul
+I'm coding non-stop
+        I've got no control
+How long, please tell me,
+        have I been online ---
+(Is this)
+        or just the end of time?

File poems/the-sunset-of-life

+Towards the noon of life
+Beauty is all for a glance
+Feelings get all warmth;
+Heart filled with romance.
+In the evening of life
+Sunny days turn bleak
+Facial glow is dimmed
+Bruised souls do shriek.