Continuous Energy Minimization for Multitarget Tracking

Anton Milan and Stefan Roth and Konrad Schindler


This software implements our approach to multi-target tracking using continuous energy minimization [1,2,3].

The additional package


is released under a different license and is included for your convenience.


This software has been refactored for the sake of simplifying the implementation. Therefore, the results produced by the code may differ from those presented in the papers [1,2,3].


To use this software, you should cite a subset of these publications:

[1] Continuous Energy Minimization for Multitarget Tracking
    A. Milan, S. Roth, and K. Schindler.
    In IEEE TPAMI 36(1), 2014

[2] Multi-target Tracking by Continuous Energy Minimization
    A. Andriyenko and K. Schindler. 
    In CVPR, Colorado Springs, USA, June 2011

[3] An Analytical Formulation of Global Occlusion Reasoning for Multi-Target Tracking
    A. Andriyenko, S. Roth, and K. Schindler. 
    In IEEE International Workshop on Visual Surveillance (in conjunction with ICCV), Barcelona, Spain, November 2011

All papers are available here


This section describes how to get cemtracking running under Linux. Open a terminal window.

Get the code

hg clone

MOT utils

This package includes many useful functions for reading detections, displaying results, etc.

hg clone
cd contracking

Start MATLAB and run compileMex.m to build the utilities binaries.


run cemTrackerDemo.m


Mar 04, 2015    Bug fix with compileMex and runDP (Thanks Qi Guo)
Jun 06, 2014    Included Dynamic Programming [Pirsiavash et al., CVPR '11] as initialization
May 25, 2014    Included PAMI code
May 25, 2012    Initial public release