Joint Tracking and Segmentation of Multiple Targets

This is a framework for tracking and segmenting multiple targets. This work is described in the following CVPR 2015 paper (pdf)

Joint Tracking and Segmentation of Multiple Targets
A. Milan, L. Leal-Taixe, K. Schindler and I. Reid


This section describes how to get segTracking running on linux.

Install the required dependencies

sudo apt-get install libgsl0ldbl # Ubuntu


sudo dnf install gsl-devel # Fedora

Get the latest version of the code and cd into that directory

hg clone
cd segtracking

Start Matlab and run



Now all should be set up. You can start the tracker with.

stateInfo = swSegTracker('scene','config/scene.ini','params','config/params.ini');

The first run will take some time because certain auxiliary structures need to be recomputed. Subsequent calls will be much faster. The provided parameter values have not been optimized and need to be adjusted for the test data.

Other videos

To run the tracker on other videos, adjust the necessary settings in a scene file in


Parameters can be set in


Please do not forget to cite our work if you end up using this code:

Author = {Anton Milan and Laura Leal-Taixé and Konrad Schindler and Ian Reid},
Booktitle = {CVPR},
Title = {Joint Tracking and Segmentation of Multiple Targets},
Year = {2015}


Jun 17, 2015    Small big fix with addpath (thanks Qi)
Apr 24, 2015    Initial public release


The current work is licensed under the MIT licese.

IMPORTANT: All external libraries (in ./external) are included for convenience and may follow a different license! Please be aware of the individual packages if you use this code.