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Kesako ?

A microblogging application.



  • python-dev
  • memcached
  • memcachedb
  • libmemcache5
  • libmemcachedprotocol0
  • libmemcachedutil0
  • libmemcached-dev
  • libev3
  • libevent
  • libevent-core
  • libevent-dev
  • libevent-extra
  • mongodb10gen see instructions for ubuntu and other distros on

Python requirements:

  • python headers
  • memcached server + memcached headers
  • mongodb headers

You should have pip & virtualenv, if not try this commands:

sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install virtualenv

You will need mercurial, so install it too:

sudo pip install mercurial

Let's install andalucia:

hg clone
cd andalucia
pip -E env.andalucia install tproxy
pip install -r requirements.txt

Don't forget to active the virtualenv each time you start a new terminal.

You should start mongod first.

Then you can run the dev server inside ./andalucia/andalucia with:

(andalucia) ~/andalucia/andalucia/ # python runserver -p 8000

In another terminal run celeryd with this command:

(andalucia) ~/andalucia/andalucia # ./

You need one more terminal to run tproxy:

(andalucia) ~/andalucia/ # tproxy


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