Django Graphiti

Django Graphiti is Django application that integrate the graphiti library with django.


cli ninja walkthrough:

pip install django-graphiti

In your project settings provide the GRAPHITI_DATABASES setting dictionnary. For instance if you database is named in Rexster 'matrice', use neo4j and kept the default port setting, you must use:

GRAPHITI_DATABASES = {'matrice': {
    'url': 'http://localhost:8182/',
    'db': 'neo4j',


To declare models you must first import the django_graphiti module, in you, the remaining imports should be done against graphiti library:

from django_graphiti import graph

from import (String, Boolean, Integer)

class Person(graph.matrice.Node):
    name = String()
    age = Integer()
    is_a_program = Boolean()

class Knows(graph.matrice.Edge):

There is nothing specific to Django Graphiti Models in terms of API so please refer to graphiti documentation.