1. Amirouche Boubekki
  2. Java-GraphitiDB




Graph server based on Blueprints written in Java released under Affero GPL.

Current version support the following scripting language:

  • Scheme via Kawa
  • Python via Jython

Current version only support OrientDB.

Command line options

  • -h for host, e.g.
  • -p for path, e.g. /var/graphitidb/hypermove/
  • -e for engine, e.g. scheme
  • -w for workers, e.g. 4 in general the number of free CPUs
  • -g for graph, e.g. orientdb only OrientDB is supported yet

cli memo

Generate jar with dependencies:

mvn clean compile assembly:single

Example command line to run the server:

java -jar target/GraphitiDB-0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar -h -p /tmp/hypermove -e python -w 3 -g orientdb
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