n0v4pl4n3t / simplejson / tests / test_errors.py

from unittest import TestCase

import simplejson as json

class TestErrors(TestCase):
    def test_string_keys_error(self):
        data = [{'a': 'A', 'b': (2, 4), 'c': 3.0, ('d',): 'D tuple'}]
        self.assertRaises(TypeError, json.dumps, data)

    def test_decode_error(self):
        err = None
        except json.JSONDecodeError, e:
            err = e
            self.fail('Expected JSONDecodeError')
        self.assertEquals(err.lineno, 2)
        self.assertEquals(err.colno, 1)
        self.assertEquals(err.endlineno, 3)
        self.assertEquals(err.endcolno, 2)
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