Amit Aronovitch (amitar)

Amit Aronovitch
Pushed to amitar/pypy
477e0e4 a bit just because, use sets instead of dicts with None/True values
5cf79ac This line looks suspiciously like a leftover from testing
f467823 Issue #2095: test and fix
95b6c04 once again I did not copy the descr...
948a227 that was a nasty problem. entering the vecopt trace through the preamble only worked for non accum/expanded traces, otherwise the arguments would not match
Amit Aronovitch
e1b8e46 update tags
80f773b _make_mlab_command(): only overwrite nout if not yet defined. Bug introduced in changeset 0bd9a3177015.
62cae58 Get rid of experimental pickling support and eliminate use of gensym(). Now we can get rid of awmstools and its deprecation warnings.
60038d3 Copied strToTempfile and escape from into mlabwrap so that we can get rid of awsmstools.
a2130e0 Replaced isString() with equivalent, build-in functionality.
Amit Aronovitch
Pushed to amitar/xpra
c30311e better debug string
80cba32 we must tell the server we support BGRX as well as BGRA because it will use this list to decide if it needs csc
057c4a3 expose video pipeline options for debugging
0018c28 give a bigger score boost to encoding pipelines that do not need csc at all: still better than re-using the same csc step
601d543 client tells the server if it handles transparency so we can save 1/4 of pixel data (only done for png for now)