Jason R. Coombs avatar Jason R. Coombs committed 47ac5a7

Instead of listing excluded classes explicitly, just construct those that don't raise a TypeError when constructed without parameters.

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 def get_all_keyring():
-    Return a list of all implemented keyrings.
+    Return a list of all implemented keyrings that can be constructed without
+    parameters.
-    # except don't include these because they can't be constructed without
-    #  additional parameters.
-    exclude_classes = [
-        MultipartKeyringWrapper,
-        BasicPyfilesystemKeyring,
-        EncryptedPyfilesystemKeyring,
-        KeyczarCrypter,
-        GoogleDocsKeyring,
-    ]
-    return [
-        keyring_class()
-        for keyring_class in KeyringBackend._classes
-        if keyring_class not in exclude_classes
-    ]
+    return list(keyring.util.suppress_exceptions(KeyringBackend._classes,
+        exceptions=TypeError))


     if 'functools' in globals():
         wrapper = functools.wraps(func)(wrapper)
     return wrapper
+def suppress_exceptions(callables, exceptions=Exception):
+    """
+    yield the results of calling each element of callables, suppressing
+    any indicated exceptions.
+    """
+    for callable in callables:
+        try:
+            yield callable()
+        except exceptions:
+            pass
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