README for pyFaceTracker

FaceTracker is a library for deformable face tracking written in C++ using OpenCV 2, authored by Jason Saragih and maintained by Kyle McDonald. It is available free for non-commercial use, and may be redistributed under these conditions. Please see the LICENSE file for complete details.

pyfacetracker is a thin wrapper around FaceTracker. It enables using FaceTracker while enjoyging the comfort of the Python scripting language.

pyfacetracker is available under the BSD License. This has no effect on Jason's code, which is available under a separate license.


You will first need to update to point to the installation of OpenCV (i.e. set OPENCV_BASE, OPENCV_LIB_DIRS and OPENCV_VERSION global variables to their correct values). Then run

python install


Reid Mayo has created a tutorial for installing pyFaceTracker on linux.

Reading the docs

After installing:

cd doc
make html

Then, direct your browser to build/html/index.html.


To run the tests with the interpreter available as python, use:

cd examples
python path/to/image # path/to/image is a path to a color image

Conditions of use

See the LICENSE file


For bug reports use the Bitbucket issue tracker. You can also send wishes, comments, patches, etc. to


Thank-you to the people at <> for their policy of free licenses for non-commercial open source developers.