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Current it only supports autocompletion for foreignkeys based on the target models __unicode__ representation.

Basic Usage

in an

# Assuming that MainModel has a foreignkey relationship with TargetModel from django.contrib import admin from myapp.models import MainModel, TargetModel

from iqc.apps.autocomplete.admin import AutocompleteModelAdmin, AutocompleteTargetModelAdmin, AutocompleteTargetModelAdmin) # You can also have your own model admin class, but it must inherit from # AutocompleteTargetModelAdmin

class MainModelAdmin(AutocompleteModelAdmin):
#... autocomplete_fields = ('field_name',) #...


Now in the admin for the MainModel the foreignkey field should now be an autocompletion field rather than a select. If javascript is disabled it will still be a select.

Note that 'field_name' needs to be a foreignkey field on the MainModel or it will just be ignored.

Required Media

The autocomplete widget has the following media requiremenets:

class Media:
css = {
'all': ('%scss/jquery.autocomplete.css' % settings.MEDIA_URL,)

} js = (

'%s/js/jquery.js' % settings.MEDIA_URL, '%s/js/jquery.autocomplete.js' % settings.MEDIA_URL, '%s/js/autocomplete.popup.js ' % settings.MEDIA_URL



jquery.js: jquery.autocomplete.js:

  • Also provides the jquery.autocomplete.css

autocomplete.popup.js can be found in the iqc media directory and must be copied your sites media_url.

Note this doesn't leverage the admin's version of jquery, you need to provide your own in your own sites media_url.


If the add functionality isn't working, then you have likely not registered the TargetModel with an AutocompleteTargetModelAdmin or subclass.