Instructions on getting started.

Mac OS X

To develop it locally you need to install:

  • Python (2.6 or 2.7)
  • PIL (I only have support for PNG on Mac OS X)
  • Mercurial

The first step is to install virtualenv which can be installed using easy_install.

Once that is done beside where you want to develop the code create directory called virtualenvs and cd into it. Then:

virtualenv uwfass

Then activate it:

. uwfass/bin/activate

You should see fass50 in front of your command prompt.

Once that is done checkout cd to where you want to checkout the repo:

hg clone

Then cd uwfass install the dependencies in your local virtualenv:

pip install -r requirements.txt

This should install Django among other things.

Once this is done you are going to need copy to Once that is done you can bootstrap your local sqlite3 database

python syncdb

python migrate

And if you want you can add all the fasses:

python loaddata fasses

Then you can run the local webserver:

python runserver

When using the registration tools on your local server, the emails will be written to the console, not actually sent.