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Instructions on getting started.

Mac OS X

To develop it locally you need to install:

  • Python (2.6 or 2.7)
  • PIL (I only have support for PNG on Mac OS X)
  • Mercurial

The first step is to install virtualenv which can be installed using easy_install.

Once that is done beside where you want to develop the code create directory called virtualenvs and cd into it. Then:

virtualenv uwfass

Then activate it:

. uwfass/bin/activate

You should see fass50 in front of your command prompt.

Once that is done checkout cd to where you want to checkout the repo:

hg clone https://amjoconn@bitbucket.org/amjoconn/uwfass

Then cd uwfass install the dependencies in your local virtualenv:

pip install -r requirements.txt

This should install Django among other things.

Once this is done you are going to need copy default_local_settings.py to local_settings.py. Once that is done you can bootstrap your local sqlite3 database

python manage.py syncdb

python manage.py migrate

And if you want you can add all the fasses:

python manage.py loaddata fasses

Then you can run the local webserver:

python manage.py runserver

When using the registration tools on your local server, the emails will be written to the console, not actually sent.