OpenSpritz Bible

This android app uses a Bible parses and the VTD-XML library to allow a user to request a Bible passage and have it displayed in an OpenSpritz reader.

This repo contains the following:

You will also need to use the following as a library:

How it works

As this app pretty much strings a few existing modules together, and since I only make android apps as a hobby, this program is a bit convoluted.

All the real work gets done in, which really contains two fragments. One is the download manager (BibleListFragment), the other is the OpenSpritz reader (PlaceholderFragment- I know quite an original name).

Once the user enters in a passage and presses the button (button.setOnClickListener() {onClick()}), their query gets tacked onto the end of a query string for the page assets/verse.html and run in a WebView. Because the Bible Passage Reference Parser is in JavaScript and not java and I thought this was the easiest way.

Once the WebView has loaded, it then runs some JavaScript to get back the result (MyJavaScriptInterface() {processHTML()}) and then starts a task so it can process in the background, while a loading window displays (MyJavaScriptTask()).

In this task the result is then adjusted so the Bible book name into a format the XML Bibles are expecting (whole names and not short names) (fixBookName()). It then uses that to extract the verses from the XML Bibles (parseDataWithVDT()).

All that then gets returned to the elements on the fragment.

About the name

OpenSpritz has nothing to do with Spritz Incorporated. This is an open source, community created project. - David Brodsky


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This is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0:

The important bit about this is: ShareAlike "If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original."