Amro (amroamroamro)

82b1778 Fix segfault when setting object parent to be object itself (bug #37927).
bd1dd30 Correct bad spelling of "unknown" in graphics_object_name().
b92242a parser.tst: Remove comments about bug #33304 which has been fixed.
7b305b3 use setenv to implement putenv and avoid memory leak (bug #40230)
fd712a1 compatibility for power operator precedence and direction (bug #33304)
Amro ·
59dbdae * code cleanup and tool tips for combo box
b348c58 * icon search.png instead of find.png
7af39cc * add close button to the find dialog
87b78e7 gui: undo disabling menu entries in context menu of file browser
db04563 Added clear command window implementation to MainWindow Clear COmmand Window menu.
Amro ·
d39342a * (SCALAR_MAPPER): Use gnulib::floorf.
23c5f90 eliminate some variable might be clobbered by 'longjmp' or 'vfork' warnings
c40a887 eliminate some unused variables
faaf60a use separate automake convenience library for bison and flex generated files
00da706 Use quotes around $octave_cv_lib_qscintilla in the case variable is undefined.
Amro ·