Joseph Wright avatar Joseph Wright committed 546f040

Add examples to Makefile:
this uses the examples as a 'live' test of the build system

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 all: ctan
-	rm -r $(TMPDIR)
+	rm -rf $(TMPDIR)
 	pushd ./doc/ ;\
 	make clean ; \
+	pushd ./examples/ ;\
+	make clean ; \
+	popd
 	mkdir -p $(BUILDDIR)/
 	pushd $(BUILDDIR)/doc ; \
 	make all ; \
+	cp ./examples/Makefile $(BUILDDIR)/examples/
+	pushd $(BUILDDIR)/examples ; \
+	make all ; \
+	popd
 	pushd $(TMPDIR) ; \
 	zip -ll -q -r -X . ; \


 %.pdf: %.tex
 	pdflatex $(@:%.pdf=%.tex)
 	pdflatex $(@:%.pdf=%.tex)
+	rm -f *.aux *.log *.nav *.out *.snm *.toc *.vrb
-	rm -f *.aux *.log *.nav *.out *.snm *.toc *.vrb
+	rm -f *.aux *.log *.nav *.pdf *.out *.snm *.toc *.vrb
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