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Relative sizes for mail notification

repo owner created an issue

HTML mail notification templates don't use any fixed sizes (px), only relative ones (em). That implies that each mail client sets the parent sizes.

The problem is with mail clients that have an "uncomfortable" parent font size. For example the main diff area, which has font-size: 1em; translates to 10px size in Gmail. At that size it is hard to read.

Maybe we need to set to the main block a parent font-size of some fixed value in order to reset mail client defaults. For instance 13px seems to be optimal absolute size for mail contents.

Comments (5)

  1. Thomas Waldmann

    this sounds a little like fixing stuff for gmail (which maybe has a wrong default?) while making it worse for people who have different parent sizes due to some specific reason.

  2. ana-balica reporter

    I think we (or at least I) have misunderstood the differences between px and em. Even though px is considered to be a fixed-size unit of measurement, it does NOT equal a physical pixel, that's why one CSS pixel on retina display will become 2 physical pixels. So in the end using px is safe.

    I looked a bit into twitter bootstrap and they are using px. The base font-size (line 47) is declared in px.

    There is a nice answer on this matter on stackoverflow.

    Also because of the gmail parent small size, I paid attention to the problem. And fixing it won't break the html output in other mail clients.

  3. Radomir Dopieralski

    Using px is not "safe" just because Apple choose to ignore the spec and make it 2 times larger on some of their devices arbitrarily. It will still bite people who have sight disabilities and because of them set their fonts to larger than normal or smaller than normal in their mail clients.

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