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Add changelog entry.

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 * Stephen McKamey -- Duel/JBST lexer
 * Brian McKenna -- F# lexer
 * Lukas Meuser -- BBCode formatter, Lua lexer
+* Hong Minhee -- HTTP lexer
 * Michael Mior -- Awk lexer
 * Paulo Moura -- Logtalk lexer
 * Mher Movsisyan -- DTD lexer
   * Standard ML (PR#14)
   * CFengine3 (#601)
   * Opa (PR#37)
+  * HTTP sessions (PR#42)
 - In the LaTeX formatter, escape special &, < and > chars (#648).


 class HttpLexer(RegexLexer):
     Lexer for HTTP sessions.
+    *New in Pygments 1.5.*
     name = 'HTTP'
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