worldcat is a Python module that works with OCLC's WorldCat Affiliate web services (see <>). worldcat currently works with the WorldCat Search API, the xID (xISBN, xISSN, and xOCLCNUM) APIs, and lookups using the WorldCat Registry API.

Requests to the WorldCat Search API key require an API key provided by OCLC (see <>), available to all OCLC members at no charge. The authors of this module do not endorse the terms of use of OCLC APIs nor are liable for any violations of their Terms of Use.


You can use easy_install to install worldcat:

easy_install worldcat

If you prefer, you can check out the latest version of the source using Mercurial:

hg clone

To install:

python install


  • Develop test suite
  • Write detailed documentation
  • Add support for WorldCat Identities, Terminologies Services, Metadata Crosswalk Services, and WorldCat Registry Search
  • Add access token support to xISBN and xISSN requests


GPL/BSD (Dual Licensed), portions under the Apache License


Mark A. Matienzo <> Etienne Posthumus <> (Google App Engine example)