1. Andrew Light
  2. fatal-bot


fatal-bot [Neutrino] package.

    1) OS Linux/Unix/Win NT.
    2) Python 2.6/2.7 with SQLite3 support.

How to install and use:
    1) Rename fatal.conf.dist to fatal.conf and edit.
    2) Start fatal-bot by run fatal.py or fatalctl. To daemonize bot use commandline option -d. For details see ./fatal.py -h or ./fatalctl -h
    3) From botadmin jid type to bot jid "[COMM_PREFIX]join some_chat@at.some.server" default COMM_PREFIX is "." or use fatal-bot config parameter DEFAULT_CHATROOM to join to your first chatroom.
    4) fatal-dev@conference.jabber.ru is a bot dev conf.
    5) Mercurial repos: https://bitbucket.org/ancestor/fatal-bot

PS: Good luck with fatal-bot! ;)

Copyright (c) 2009-2016, Ancestors Soft.