Bela Hausmann avatar Bela Hausmann committed 16f1ec4

fixed dependency in drishti

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-EBUILD drishti-2.9999.ebuild 539 RMD160 d34ec22d1977edf37f35f8576d72da98a369682a SHA1 e94607699847a5b4b05c1ac1aaa1101e19fdfafe SHA256 0bfd03d3b3eabad48c9f054adb6b0be435bf17494289d01f1b8f94584f50421d
+EBUILD drishti-2.9999.ebuild 546 RMD160 2fb064b696dd06fa2c6b3980cc5b8190f203a401 SHA1 fa25ae4e0d6f61a0243f59e5376923e8cb5372fb SHA256 cee4846a48f358b3e110fef3b3aa00ebb97ec23ee55c5a04fb03e4473c106e4b


-	virtual/glut
+	media-libs/freeglut
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