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New ebuild for Voxx2

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File licenses/Voxx2

+Please understand this software is under constant development and testing resources are limited. If you get strange images, please stop using the software and get a software update! Thanks.
+Voxx is owned by Indiana University, and users are granted a non-exclusive license to use it only for non-commercial applications. Users interested in commercial applications should contact us.
+Copyright (c) 2000-2004 Indiana University. All rights reserved.

File sci-visualization/voxx-bin/Manifest

+DIST voxx2-2.0-1.i586.rpm 7987504 RMD160 1c73d732420355df2b2e63387e376a051b21978e SHA1 f980a42ede835aac50295229fecedd5c531c8e84 SHA256 e39908379c7afe05c72f860e3f054d0168dd6d7e447271a669d09117edb40761
+EBUILD voxx-bin-2.0.1.ebuild 1052 RMD160 4a4a511936e9674291bf35bea7d889fffe085201 SHA1 cb1ba316cc4ff76dbfe567fdcf3f1b5b60bc94e8 SHA256 c3eff920825c08e41b4e87455a520b93b1f8fb14cd8a5ac941a6db450938153a

File sci-visualization/voxx-bin/voxx-bin-2.0.1.ebuild

+# Copyright 1999-2010 Gentoo Foundation
+# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
+# $Header: $
+inherit rpm versionator
+DESCRIPTION="A Volume Rendering Program for 3D Microscopy"
+MY_PV=$(replace_version_separator 2 '-')
+src_install () {
+	exeinto ${MY_INSTALL_PATH}/bin
+	doexe usr/local/voxx2/Voxx2
+	exeinto ${MY_INSTALL_PATH}/lib
+	doexe usr/lib/
+	make_wrapper voxx2 ./bin/Voxx2 /opt/voxx2 /opt/voxx2/lib
+	dosym voxx2 /usr/bin/voxx
+	if use doc; then
+		dohtml usr/local/voxx2/docs/*.html
+	fi
+	make_desktop_entry voxx2 "Voxx 2" voxx "Education;Science;Biology;Graphics;3DGraphics"
+pkg_postinst() {
+	if use doc; then
+		elog "The Voxx documentation is missing all image files."
+		elog "The images are however included in non-Linux versions."
+	fi