and3k-sunrise-overlay / README

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The and3k-sunrise Overlay

This is a Portage [Overlay]( for [Gentoo Linux](

How to install this overlay

You can easily install this overlay using [layman](

`layman --add and3k-sunrise`

Alternatively you can use my overlay config directly, but I see no reason for doing this:

`layman --overlays --add and3k-sunrise`

Software in this overlay

Scientific ebuilds

* `@drishti` ([Drishti homepage](
   * `sci-visualization/drishti`
   * `sci-visualization/drishti-import`
   * `sci-visualization/drishtilauncher`
   * `sci-visualization/drishti-paint`
* `sci-visualization/voxx-bin` ([Voxx homepage](


If these ebuilds were/are useful to you, you can [Flattr this!](