Collection of scripts to generate Anki RTK decks etc.

Generates heisig-rtk.json from rtk1-anki.txt. Example:

    # Remembering the Kanji 1
    "rtk1": {
        # Kanji entry (in this case, δΈ€)
        "\u4e00": {
            # keyword, lesson and index are dicts keyed by edition
            "keyword": {"6": "one"},
            "lesson": {"6": 1},
            "index": {"6": 1},

            # based on KanjiVG data
            "strokes": 1

Old script, don't use it.

It reads heisig-data.txt and writes a semicolon separated list of entries:

keyword; kanji; strokeCount

Generates rtk-anki-lesson%d.txt where %d is the lesson number. It uses heisig-in.json as its input. heisig-in.json was created manually and is nowhere complete.


Don't remember, but it's old data. Likely an older edition. Semicolon separated:



Don't remember where I got this, but it has the keywords for several editions. Unfortunately the format isn't great because it shares the index between several editions.


This is a file I created manually, it was used to get the lesson numbers for keywords and the correct order, but it's not complete. Don't use it.


Generated by


Generated by 6th edition data.

keyword; kanji; index; stroke count; lesson


Exported from a Google spreadsheet, don't remember the URL right now. It's somewhat incorrect!


Manually edited rtk1-orig.csv to fix some of the issues, was later used to generate some of the files. It still has errors, so don't use it.

Generates rtk1-anki.txt. It uses rtk1.csv and KanjiVG data. It also has the lesson boundaries for the 6th edition.

Anki plugin to generate lesson tags for cards. The name is misleading, it is a hack based on an older plugin I made.