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Django e-mail backends for App Engine

This repository provides two Django e-mail backends for App Engine.
The e-mail backends allow you to use native Django functions for
sending e-mails on App Engine.

To use pluggable e-mail backends you'll have to use a most recent
version of Django. Support for pluggable e-mail backends was
introduced in rev11709 and will be released in Django 1.2.

Using the e-mail backend

To use the e-mail backend for App Engine copy the
appengine_emailbackend directory to the top-level of you App Engine
application project and add the following line to your

  EMAIL_BACKEND = 'appengine_emailbackend.EmailBackend'

If you prefer asynchronous e-mail delivery use this line in your instead:

  EMAIL_BACKEND = 'appengine_emailbackend.async.EmailBackend'

When using the async backends e-mails will not be sent immediately but
queued to a taskqueue.

Running the demo application

There's also a demo application included in this repository. Run this
application using .

and open http://localhost:8080 in your web browser.

Remember to include a current checkout of the Django SVN repository in
the top-level directory of the demo application.