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option --rev removed. It would imply an implicit update

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-        ('r', 'rev', None, _('create a branch from revision REV')),
         ('m', 'rename', None, _('rename a given branch name')),
         ('d', 'delete', None, _('delete a given branch name')),
         ('w', 'wake', None _('revive a dead branch with a new name')),
-    _('[[-r REV | -m [OLD_NAME] | -d | -w BRANCH_ID ] NAME]')
+    _('[-m [OLD_NAME] | -d | -w BRANCH_ID] NAME]')
 def branch(ui, repo, **opts):
-    hg branch [[-r REV | -m [OLD_NAME] | -d | -w BRANCH_ID ] NAME]
+    hg branch [-m [OLD_NAME] | -d | -w BRANCH_ID] NAME]
     track a line of development with one movable marker and an audit trail
     Use the command "hg update" to switch to an existing branch.
-    Use -r/--rev REV (where REV may be an existing branch name) to create a new branch from
-    a specific revision.
     Use -m/--rename to change branch's name. Note that the branch id remains the same. If
     OLD_NAME is given, then this branch is renamed. Otherwise, the current branch is renamed.
-    -r, --rev REV       create a branch from revision REV
     -d, --delete        delete a given branch name
     -m, --rename NAME   rename a given branch name
     -w, --wake BRANCH_ID NAME  wake a dead branch with a new name