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remote: use fixed UTC timezone

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File src/remote/index.txt

    $ cd hello
    $ echo "Hello, World!" > hello.txt
-   $ hg commit -m "Add comma" ## -d "2011-01-22 10:00"
+   $ hg commit -m "Add comma" ## -d "2011-01-22 10:00 UTC"
 This is the essense of distributed revision control --- Alice can get
 her own independent copy of the repository and work on it locally. She
    $ hg outgoing
    comparing with
    searching for changes
-   changeset:   1:2f68c6326cba
+   changeset:   1:61c1daa1d929
    tag:         tip
    user:        Alice <>
-   date:        Sat Jan 22 10:00:00 2011 +0100
+   date:        Sat Jan 22 10:00:00 2011 +0000
    summary:     Add comma
 She wont be able to push her changeset to the server since she does
    searching for changes
    remote: ssl required
    remote: ssl required
-   updating 2f68c6326cba to public failed!
+   updating 61c1daa1d929 to public failed!
 What happens is that Mercurial's webserver wont let you push over
 plain HTTP by default, it requires you to use a HTTPS URL. Alice can