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Issue #15 resolved

line blocks are broken

created an issue

Try to create a simple line block, like so:

|      1234 Sesame St.
|      New York, NY 10001
|      tel:555-111-1111
|      nobody@nowhere.org

Note that when this is generated, it all gets crammed on to a single line:

        <pre class="line_block">1234 Sesame St.New York, NY 10001<a href="tel:555-111-1111">tel:555-111-1111</a><a href="mailto:nobody@nowhere.org">nobody@nowhere.org</a></pre>

If you turn off indentation, it becomes self-evident that it is stripping the white-space where it should be preserved.

This isn't happening to code-blocks, just to line blocks.

Comments (4)

  1. yam655 reporter

    So... My particular test-case may be incomplete. In particular, it was a line block inside a sidebar, so:

    .. sidebar:: Contact
       | 123 Address St.
       | City, State ZIP

    From looking at the code, it appears that this may play a part in the failure. It seems to be thinking that it is dealing with a continuation line and not a line block within another element.

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