Yuya Nishihara committed 3fba499

filedialogs: do not override goto-ed revision on modelFilled

If the revision to goto() is already loaded, goto() changes the current
index immediately and does not set `self._show_rev`. So the current row is
reset to tipmost revision by the following modelFilled(). Thus, goto(rev)
has no effect.

modelFilled() shouldn't change the current index in this case.

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         if self._show_rev is not None:
             index = self.filerevmodel.indexFromRev(self._show_rev)
             self._show_rev = None
+        elif self.repoview.currentIndex().isValid():
+            return  # already set by goto()
             index = self.filerevmodel.index(0,0)
         if index is not None:
         if self._show_rev is not None:
             self._show_rev = None
+        elif self.tableView_revisions_left.currentIndex().isValid():
+            return  # already set by goto()
         elif len(self.filerevmodel.graph):