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nautilus: overlay icons update

The current extension doesn't use the correct ovelay icons for
'added' and 'ignored' states
that should be replaced by 'list-add' and 'unreadable' icons respectively.
The UNKNOWN state has no associated icon,
but could use the 'dialog-question' one.

All suggested icons exist in the gnome default icon set.

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     def _get_file_status(self, localpath, repo=None):
         cachestate = cachethg.get_state(localpath, repo)
         cache2state = {cachethg.UNCHANGED:   ('default',   'clean'),
-                       cachethg.ADDED:       ('new',       'added'),
+                       cachethg.ADDED:       ('list-add',  'added'),
                        cachethg.MODIFIED:    ('important', 'modified'),
-                       cachethg.UNKNOWN:     (None,        'unrevisioned'),
-                       cachethg.IGNORED:     ('noread',    'ignored'),
+                       cachethg.UNKNOWN:     ('dialog-question', 'unrevisioned'),
+                       cachethg.IGNORED:     ('unreadable', 'ignored'),
                        cachethg.NOT_IN_REPO: (None,        'unrevisioned'),
                        cachethg.ROOT:        ('generic',   'root'),
                        cachethg.UNRESOLVED:  ('danger',    'unresolved')}