sphinx / tests /

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Test the Sphinx class.

    :copyright: 2008 by Benjamin Peterson.
    :license: BSD.

from StringIO import StringIO

from sphinx.application import ExtensionError

from util import *

def test_events(app):
    def empty(): pass
    raises_msg(ExtensionError, "Unknown event name: invalid",
               app.connect, "invalid", empty)

    raises_msg(ExtensionError, "Event 'my_event' already present",
               app.add_event, "my_event")

    def mock_callback(a_app, *args):
        assert a_app is app
        assert emit_args == args
        return "ret"
    emit_args = (1, 3, "string")
    listener_id = app.connect("my_event", mock_callback)
    assert app.emit("my_event", *emit_args) == ["ret"], "Callback not called"

    assert app.emit("my_event", *emit_args) == [], \
        "Callback called when disconnected"

def test_output():
    status, warnings = StringIO(), StringIO()
    app = TestApp(status=status, warning=warnings)
        status.truncate(0) # __init__ writes to status"Nothing here...")
        assert status.getvalue() == "Nothing here...\n"
        status.truncate(0)"Nothing here...", True)
        assert status.getvalue() == "Nothing here..."

        old_count = app._warncount
        app.warn("Bad news!")
        assert warnings.getvalue() == "WARNING: Bad news!\n"
        assert app._warncount == old_count + 1
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