This is an attempt to write a book on general topology in Portuguese.


In order to produce a PDF (or whatever) from the source latex files,
the easiest way is to have:

  1. A working latex environment. (including bibtex and other packages)

  2. Inkscape -- -- in order to being able to convert
     SVG to PNG.

  3. Rubber -- -- so the whole process can be

If you don't want to use rubber, everything should just work if you convert
by hand the SVG files to PNG. You can use the provided script
  $ ./bin/

If you don't want to use inkscape, you can use whatever software you like
in order to convert the SVG files. Beware that transparency may be lost
in this process. To NOT use inkscape you will have to create your own
``rubber conversion rule'' or just convert it manually before.

To generate the PDF just go to the project's directory and type:

  $ ./bin/ book.tex

The build script puts the generated files in the directory build.

Unfortunately the rubber generates the PNG files in the source directory,
not the build directory. :-(


1. Do not type the "$".


See the LICENSE file for information on copying conditions.