Ulyxex Content Management System

Andres Lozano Gallego a.k.a Loz, 2012-2019
Copyleft: this work is free, you can copy, distribute and modify it
under the terms of the Free Art License
Latest release

Ulyxex name is inspired by Ulyxes (grec odysseus)

Ulyxex is a web content generator for people who wants an universal
web site for all devices, Ulyxex is absolutely compatible with all browsers
since mosaic or netscape 1 (1994) to the latest browsers (included text browser).
Ulyxex is also usefull with mobil or special devices (new and olds smartphones,
tablets, barebones and so on).

If you can access internet then you can create and edit your posts.

Features : 100% every navigator compatible,
php/mysql oriented objet, html.
perfect for console browsing.

This program follows the "retroweb 1.9" rules of webdesign
wrote here

Easy to learn

Only you need to read one page to learn how to use this
software. The page is help ulyxex

Only a week

I wrote the first version of this software for multi-user managment
in only a week. I used php object-oriented programming and mysql.
With this program you can create text articles in separate pages.
This basic program can be easily modified and enriched, the code is very
readable and understandable. It can be a starting point to learn how to create
php application.

To install this program you can use two methods

1) Manually : you must edit the file "config-example.php" with yours settings
and rename it to "config.php".
Then in your mysql database import the file "ulyxex.sql".
After installation don't forget to delete the file "install.php" to prevent abuses.

2) With script : run the file "install.php" in your browser and follow
the instructions.
Then don't forget to delete the file "install.php"
after installation to prevent abuses

I hope you enjoy this work and you will share your improvements.
This program is licensed under copyleft. You can use, copy, modify and
redistribute it freely.

Add your own scripts

Ulyxex offer you a usefull system to publish articles in a structured
way of pages and categories, howerer you can easily add you own
sctructure and scripts adding them into your config.php.

After installation the file config.php will be never changed by

Download Ulyxex

here you can find latest releases

To log first in :
login = admin
password = admin (or password you created with install)

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