The nagiosplugin library


nagiosplugin is a Python class library which helps writing Nagios (or Icinga) compatible plugins easily in Python. It cares for much of the boilerplate code and default logic commonly found in Nagios checks, including:

  • Nagios 3 Plugin API compliant parameters and output formatting
  • Full Nagios range syntax support
  • Automatic threshold checking
  • Multiple independend measures
  • Custom status line to communicate the main point quickly
  • Long output and performance data
  • Timeout handling
  • Persistent "cookies" to retain state information between check runs
  • Resume log file processing at the point where the last run left
  • No dependencies beyond the Python standard library.

nagiosplugin runs on POSIX and Windows systems. It is compatible with Python 3.3, Python 3.2, and Python 2.7.

Feedback and Suggestions

nagiosplugin is primarily written and maintained by Christian Kauhaus <>. Feel free to contact the author for bugs, suggestions and patches.

A public issue tracker can be found at There is also a forum available at


The nagiosplugin package is released under the Zope Public License 2.1 (ZPL), a BSD-style Open Source license.


To get started writing Nagios plugins, see the examples in the examples subdirectory.

More documentation on using this package can be found in the doc directory of the source distribution. There is also an online copy of the docs available.