Django prefetch_related ORM method can't prefetch lookups through GenericForeginKey's if they target different models. This application solves this problem.

With GenericForeignKey functionality, it is possible to refer to arbitrary model. Let's ay we have Like model, which is naturally may refer to many types of data (blogposts, users, photos, comments, etc).

And so it is desireable to be able to perform such lookups:

Like.objects.prefetch_related('content_object__followers', 'content_object__people_on_photo')

where followers is the field of User model and people_on_photo the field of Photo model.

Currently .prefetch_related will raise an error like

Cannot find field "followers" on Photo object.

because it is assumed that lookups are 'strict', and data for each lookup belongs to one type.

django-deep-prefetch removes this limitation and makes prefetches for such lookups possible.


Create custom manager for your model using DeepPrefetchQuerySet, DeepPrefetchQuerySetMixin, DeepPrefetchManager, DeepPrefetchManagerMixin classes from deep_prefetch.utils module. Then just use prefetch_related ORM method.


App passes all tests except one from prefetch_related section of Django own test-suite. tests_from_django.PrefetchRelatedTests.test_attribute_error fails because prefetch_related replacement not throws exception in case if field defined in lookup not found on retrieved object. This is expected - because deep_prefetch does not assume that data is of same type - it not throws exception. There is also one internal test for case of prefetch of fields of different models through GFK.

To run tests, install tox and call tox command in project root directory.


Currently project is tested and compatible with Python 2.7 and Django 1.4.10.