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filedialogs: do not shadow QTableView.selectionView() method (fixes #2193)

This fixes a crash that happens with PyQT 4.9, introduced in 761551739d52edf8b5.

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                 msg = ''
-        self.repoview.selectionChanged.connect(checkValidSelection)
+        self.repoview.revisionSelectionChanged.connect(checkValidSelection)
         self.contentframe = QFrame(self.splitter)


     revisionAltClicked = pyqtSignal(object)
     revisionSelected = pyqtSignal(object)
     revisionActivated = pyqtSignal(object)
-    selectionChanged = pyqtSignal(QItemSelection, QItemSelection)
+    revisionSelectionChanged = pyqtSignal(QItemSelection, QItemSelection)
     menuRequested = pyqtSignal(QPoint, object)
     showMessage = pyqtSignal(unicode)
         if not QFontMetrics(self.font()).inFont(QString(u'\u2327').at(0)):
             model.unicodexinabox = False
-        self.selectionModel().selectionChanged.connect(self.selectionChanged)
+        self.selectionModel().selectionChanged.connect(self.revisionSelectionChanged)
         self._rev_history = []
         self._rev_pos = -1
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