# What Email data to hoist with your very own twisted SMTP server # Why I mentioned in jest to the Hoist Product Manager that there should be a way that you can email data to Hoist, but my mind would not let it rest. So I bring to you a not so finished method of sending an email to get data into Hoist. # How local install (assuming you have the requirement twisted installed) git clone hoistapi git clone cd email2hoist twistd -n -y hoistserver.tac or provision on AWS using my provisioning script and the following configuration :::python #START SCRIPT import provision config = { "region" : "us-east-1", "image_id" : "ami-51792c38", "instance_type" : "t1.micro", #You should change these ones "security_groups" : ["echo-server-1"], "key_name" : "echoserver", "key_location" : "echoserver.pem", #end changes "sc_output_location" : "email2hoist", "sc_command" : "git clone", "twistd_command" : "twistd -o -y hoistserver.tac && sleep 5", "twistd_proof_of_life" : "tail", "ex_commands": [ "git clone hoistapi" ], "svn_not_required":True } provision.launch_and_run(config) #END SCRIPT then send emails in the following form: To: <api_key>@<server> From: whereever Subject: <data_type> <The JSON as plain text>