========= SPEEDRACK ========= Speedrack is a single-node cron system with an attractive web interface, job-tracking and configurable notification via email. It's not the task runner you need, but it might be the one you deserve. It is intended to drive regular executions of low-resource shell scripts, routing output to defined locations. The web front end makes it easy to see a high-level overview. It's convenient and easy. Quick Installation and Local Demonstration ------------------------------------------ Easiest way to get a feel for it is to just install and play with it. 1. Start with python 2.6+: 2. (bonus: Use virtualenv_ (intermediate, recommended)) 3. Install pip: ``easy_install pip`` 4. Install speedrack: ``pip install speedrack`` 5. Start speedrack: ``speedrack run`` 6. Done! Check it out: ``http://localhost:8118`` .. _virtualenv: Speedrack comes with a demo mode, so look at your sample tasks churn. Results for these tasks are being pooled in your system temp directory. For more information, please visit `speedrack's documentation`_. For a picture, please visit `speedrack's introduction post`_. .. _speedrack's documentation: .. _speedrack's introduction post: