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Source code is now being hosted on Bitbucket! will become read-only in a very short time, so it's not to be used.

The directories "RunPath/Media" and "RunPath/Projects" are now available as a seperate download. 
To be able to build and run Ogitor, you will need the following files downloaded and extracted into "RunPath" folder:

Please download those files and extract them to "RunPath" folder in your SOURCE path before building and installing Ogitor.
Do not extract the files into the build directory, even though it might make sense.
The install target will copy the files over.

Building Ogitor:

Ogitor Wiki:

Ogitor home page:


Browse the source here:

Issue Tracker is here:

Mercurial repository address:

Recent activity

Andrew Fenn

Commits by Andrew Fenn were pushed to andrewfenn/Ogitor

4ed60ee - Added normal and diffuse texture selection to heightmap import Heightmap import with the inverted option now works correctly Cleaned up the code base surrounding the ...
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