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	<p>The interface of qtOgitor is composed of five main elements:</p>

	<p><img src="interface.png" alt="" /></p>


	<li>Render window - the main work area.<br />This is where the main interaction with Ogitor occurs.</li>
		<li>Toolbar.<br />The toolbar is where the most common operations are: scene commands, transformation tools, etc.</li>
		<li>Tool panels.<br />These dockable tool panels can be shown/hidden and moved around, either docked and floating.
	<li>Scene Panel<br />Hierarchical view of the scene. Select nodes in the tree and see their properties in the Property panel.<br />Selecting nodes in the tree will select them in the main view, and the other way around.</li>

		<li>Materials Panel<br />A treeview of all available materials. Drag a material to an mesh object in the scene to change it's material.<br />The Properties panel lets you inspect and edit the properties of the material.</li>
		<li>Templates Panel<br />You can add templates by selecting an object and add it.</li>
		<li>Properties Panel<br />The property panel lets you inspect and change properties of currently selected Ogitor objects.</li>
		<li>Meshes Panel<br />Shows all available meshes. Drag and drop a mesh into the main view to add it to the scene.</li>

		<li>Objects Panel<br />All available object plugins are show on this panel. Drag and drop into the main view to add them to the scene.</li>
		<li>Toggle buttons.<br />These buttons lets you toggle the various tool panels on/off.<br />Also has a button to toggle full screen mode.</li>
		<li>Statusbar.<br />Contains a Camera menu which lets you store and retrieve camera positions.<br />It also shows the current camera position and the frames per second rendered (FPS).</li>