Andrew Godwin committed 8dbd025

Basic cache skeleton - noop cache and making one per repo server

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 from heechee.webdav.commit import CommitMixin
 from import ReaderMixin
 from import FileStorage
+from heechee.webdav.caching.noop import NoopCache
 class DAVRequest(Request):
-    def __init__(self, repo):
+    def __init__(self, repo, cache=None, storage=None):
         self.repo = repo
- = FileStorage()
+        self.cache = cache or NoopCache()
+ = storage or FileStorage()
     def authorization_check(self, username, password, access_type):
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+class NoopCache(object):
+    """
+    Simple noop cache - doesn't actually store any keys, and insists nothing
+    actually exists.
+    """
+    def __getitem__(self, key):
+        return KeyError("Key %r not found (noop)" % key)
+    def __setitem__(self, key, value):
+        return
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