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Andrew Godwin
Add a new in the root.
Andrew Godwin
Add ignore file.
Submit recent changes from internal branch. See CHANGES.txt for more details.
Fix Issue 218: Check for protoc executable in vsprojects directory.
Roll back revision 313. A similar but far more exensive change was made in our internal branch, which will be integrated soon.
Use native line endings on VS project files (they are, in fact, text).
Fix issue 208.
Fix issue 207
add cast to avoid compiler warning
Allow services with lite runtime when using rpc generator plugin.
Improve coded_stream.h handling on MSVC. Avoid a bogus runtime check and enable little-endian optimization. Based on patch from Nathan McDaniel.
Use full paths when writing MSVS-style errors. Patch from Oleg Smolsky.
Fix bug with permanent callbacks that delete themselves when run. Patch from Evan Jones.
Remove comment referring to non-protobuf code.
Fix missing header issue -- INT_MAX is defined in limits.h. I chose to use a different constant rather than add the #include.
Fix issue 162: generated code should #include <algorithm> for std::swap().
Optimize Java string serialization. Patch from Evan Jones.
More Java warning tweaks from Evan Jones.
Fix some Java warnings. Patch from Evan Jones.
Add missing include (that apparently didn't break anything on most platforms).
Fix obvious syntax error that somehow works fine on MSVC and GCC 3.x-win32.
Fix issues with Windows build: Always use ASCII version of CreateProcess (even if UNICODE is defined) and move GetMessage macro work-around to common.h so that it covers extension_set.h as well. Patch from Nick Carter.
Fixes compile on GCC 3.2 according to Sergey Tihansky.
Add makefile for extended tests to be run before release.
Fix bogus sign-compare warnings in header at request of user.
Fix date in CHANGES.txt. Sigh.
Update version number in trunk to 2.3.1.
Set version number in release branch.
Set version number in release branch.
Tag release 2.3.0.
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