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Submit recent changes from internal branch, including "lite mode" for C++ and Java. See CHANGES.txt for more details.
Down-integrate some code from an internal branch. (More to come.)
Fix problems with emacs protobuf mode, I guess. See <>. Patch from
Add Swap(), SwapElements(), and RemoveLast() to Reflection. Patch by Scott Stafford.
Fix build problem with -std=gnu++0x.
Fixes to acx_check_suncc.m4 from Monty Taylor.
Fix final leak (win32 only).
Update version number in trunk.
Set version number in release tag.
Release branch 2.1.0.
Fix compile error on Cygwin, where int32 is typedefed to long instead of int, and the compiler can't figure out which overload of this method to use in that case.
Set version number for 2.1.0rc1.
Tag 2.1.0rc1
Make sure examples link properly.
Provide ShutdownProtobufLibrary() which frees all startup-allocated objects.
enable cross-compiling
Set better default CXXFLAGS and don't use optimization when compiling tests (takes too long).
Fix test failure on 64-bit python.
More Sun CC hacks. Contributed by Monty Taylor.
Hopefully make run on solaris.
Add Emacs editor mode. Contributed by Alexandre Vassalotti.
Fix startup crash when statically linking on Mac.
Add second run of cpp_unittest which verifies that descriptors are constructed lazily. This is accomplished by avoiding any use of descriptors while testing a bunch of other operations, then checking at the end that descriptors have not been constructed.
Convert some \u escape sequences to UTF-8 because MSVC interprets them differently.
Don't use dll-export declspec on class-nested extensions.
Update extract_includes.bat to include new public headers in rev 120.
Make building libprotobuf as a DLL work again.
Add test verifying that protoc accepts trailing backslashes on Windows, which some users claim doesn't work. Seems to work on my machine.
That last rev shouldn't have compiled, but apparently did, for some reason. Fixed.
Protect a new death test with GTEST_HAS_DEATH_TEST, since MinGW doesn't support it.
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