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Explicitly call superclass constructor in generated code to avoid pedantic warning. Based on patch from Oleg Smolsky.
Fix MSVC version check -- I was given bad info.
Support MSVC 2010 beta 1.
Improve error message regarding proto_path not matching .proto file.
Detect whether zlib is new enough. Based on patch from Oliver Jowett.
Fix protobuf-mode on XEmacs.
Fix cross-compiling when building in a dedicated build directory. Fix pointed out by Pierre Kestener.
Make sure to quality calls to std::swap. Otherwise, if a google::swap() exists (e.g. because the user is using our own dense_hash_map implementation) it will be chosen instead, leading to a compile error.
Remove test that had undefined behavior and thus did not pass on some platforms.
HPUX patch from Alexander Melnikov.
Update experimental SEBS file to support cross-compiling.
Don't use RTTI in down_cast if GOOGLE_PROTOBUF_NO_RTTI is defined. Patch from Chris Masone (of Google).
Set version number to 2.2.1 in trunk.
Set version number in release branch.
Set version number in release branch.
Tag 2.2.0 release.
Set release date.
Add new headers to extract_includes.bat.
Set version 2.2.0rc3 (again).
Set version 2.2.0rc3 (again).
2.2.0rc3, take 2.
Update gtest to r292 to get needed fix.
Abort RC3: Broken on Windows.
Set version number in 2.2.0rc3 branch.
Set version number in 2.2.0rc3 branch.
Tag 2.2.0rc3. Yes, rc3. Sigh.
Oops, unittest_enormous_descriptor.proto still needs to be in the dist.
Don't build unittest_enormous_decsriptor.proto in C++ because it's very slow on older GCCs. This file was meant for testing Java anyway.
Hack to make gtest sub-package compile correctly on Sun Studio.
Fix MSVC projects to ensure that protoc is built before lite-test attempts to use it and that lite-test and tests don't attempt to generate the same .pb.* files at the same time.
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