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Set version number in release branch.
Update CHANGES.txt to reflect actual expected release date of 2.3.0.
Fix memory leak in CommandLineInterface, not that it really matters.
Minor compatibility tweaks for FreeBSD.
Tweak doc comments.
Set version number in 2.3.0rc2 release branch.
Tag 2.3.0rc2.
Detect and avoid broken unordered_map on OSX 10.5 / GCC 4.0.1.
Add missing file to dist.
Address comments from various code reviews.
Monty Taylor claims this helps the drizzle compile for some reason.
Mention zip/jar output in CHANGES.txt.
Fixed DLL compile under MSVC.
Fix syntax of function definition in shell script so that it hopefully works on Solaris.
Another Sun Studio fix from Monty Taylor.
Improve zip/jar support:
Allow protoc to output directly to zip/jar/par/war files.
Fix 32/64-bit confusion on Solaris 10 x86. Patch from Oliver Jowett.
Try again to fix build on Sun Studio -- Monty Taylor claims this will do it.
Refactor the way output is handled in CommandLineInterface -- now it will be stored in-memory until all code generators have completed, then dumped to disk all at once. While this means that protoc uses more memory, the code is much simpler, and handles insertions much faster. Also, this made it easier to implement a useful feature: insertions will be indented to match the insertion point line. Therefore, when inserting into Python code, you don't have to figure out how much to indent your inserted code. The refactoring should also make it easier to implement output-to-jar at some point.
Actually, that last revision can be simpler -- we don't need to parse strings at all, as simply entering 1e1000 as a float literal in Python will be evaluated as infinity.
In Python, avoid relying on float('inf') and float('nan') as these don't work on Windows with Python pre-2.6.
Same as r275 except for Python.
In Java's TextFormat, correcty concatenate adjacent string literals, as C++ does. Also fix a bug in handling of single-quoted strings.
Make extension identifiers final. This improves security when untrusted code is present in the same class loader. In order to get around initialization ordering issues, I simply made the constructor for extension identifiers take no arguments and deferred initialization to an internalInit() method, which generated code will always call during init.
Mark plugins as experimental for now.
getExtension() on an empty repeated field should return an empty list, not a singular default value.
When serializing to an ostream, verify that there were no stream-level errors before returning success.
Clarify that pushLimit() does not limit the number of bytes CodedInputStream will read from the underlying InputStream.
Accept form feeds as whitespace.
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