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Update version number in release branch.
Update version number to 2.2.0-pre.
Make sure GeneratedMessageFactory is deleted on shutdown.
Improve Sun Studio support. Patch from Monty Taylor.
add lite profile docs in the README
Ensure that only the lite tests are run, even if all tests have been compiled
This fixes some issues with the lite profile for the java build in which the lite jar contained the full binary.
Update the pom to support the 'lite' profile.
Fix argument order -- I guess this macro is unused...
Allow dependents to use pkg-config to figure out what flags to pass to link against protobuf.
Make sure lite MSVC projects get into dist.
Remove @Override annotations that cause compiler errors on Java 1.5.
Use the nice macro to declare once-init control objects, like good little coders should. Otherwise the initialization routines never run on Mac. TODO: Investigate how this was broken.
Make DLLs work again.
Update MSVC project files for recent changes. Added new projects for libprotobuf-lite and the lite test.
Hurr, some merge conflict was resolved poorly. Fixed.
Allow compression level of GzipOutputStream to be configured.
Fix compile for GCC 3.4.4.
Extend MAINTAINERCLEANFILES to include some things automatically added by libtoolize.
Use SVN externals for gtest.
Remove two empty source files. This doesn't actually have any effect on code size but might as well get rid of them.
Decouple strutil from C++ lite library for a further 23k reduction.
Define libprotobuf-lite in
Submit recent changes from internal branch, including "lite mode" for
Down-integrate some code from an internal branch. (More to come.)
Fix problems with emacs protobuf mode, I guess. See <>;. Patch from
Add Swap(), SwapElements(), and RemoveLast() to Reflection. Patch by Scott Stafford.
Fix build problem with -std=gnu++0x.
Fixes to acx_check_suncc.m4 from Monty Taylor.
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